Maverick Royalty Partners

In-industry Prospects & Consulting

Objective for In-Industry Companies: For in-industry companies we generally have leads on West Texas oil leases and prospects that we have or are developing in-house. Operations are generally available on these prospects. Charges may be flat or per acre charges. We are also happy to be involved with business development or special trades groups within your company.

If interested in drilling and operating please see our Oil and Gas Background and Productivity Estimators.

Contact us for detailed information on current projects.

Current Prospects

23,000 Acre Oil Shale Play
Relatively Shallow, Nearby Production

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Johnson Ranch Lease & Prospect
Coke County, Texas

2005 Gross Acres
Palo Pinto, Cross Cut Sand and Gardner Lime Potential
(Great Lease Terms)

First Location is an Offset to Cross Cut Sand well with Log Shows in both the Palo Pinto and Gardner

Executive Summary (PDF)
Geology Graphics - 4 Meg JPEG (Low Res)
Geology Graphics 8 Meg PDF (Low Res)
Geology Graphics - 14 Meg PDF (High Res)

SOLDCrenshaw Prospect
Coleman County, Texas

160 Acres Lease w/ Producing Well
and 7 or more 1800' to 1900 Deep Locations
(Cheap Drilling - Good Reserve Potential)

Additional Deeper Locations Potential
Prospect could expand to 3 Sections (1920 acres)

Boyd Prospect
Runnels County, Texas

640 Acre HBP Lease w/ Producing Well
and 2 or more 4200' Deep Locations
(Cheap Completion - New Tanks in Place)

Additional Deeper Locations Potential

Executive Summary (PDF)
Geology Graphics - 3 Meg JPEG (Low Res)
Geology Graphics - 13 Meg PDF (Low Res)
Geology Graphics - 22 Meg PDF (High Res)

Prospects in Development

Unnamed Prospect in Coleman County, Texas

Stacked Multi-Pay Potential
500,000 to 1,000,000 Potential

Unnamed Prospect in Coke County, Texas

Stacked Multi-Pay Potential
3700 foot one well location
with 125,000 to 250,000 Bbl Potential
Deeper Zones probably productive