Maverick Royalty Partners

Investor Representation
Oil & Gas Consultant & Advisor

A good department store has a "Buyer". A smart, savvy individual with a good eye for the products they are buying and a keen instinct for what will sell.

I grew up on a ranch and have extensive livestock knowledge. When I buy livestock through an auction ring, I still use a "buyer". They know the tricks of the auction ring.

With regard to oil and gas exploration prospects, I can see through the sales pitch and focus on the science of the oil and gas prospect. If you are interested in investing, I am able to serve as your "Buyer". I will evaluate the science, the trade and the operator. If I like it, I will make a recommendation. If you choose, you will invest directly with the seller at your sole discretion and risk.

My first well still performs at over a 100% annual Rate of Return even after 18 years. I have had better and worse wells since then. I am still actively generating prospects, but it is a very good use of my time to evaluate and invest in other people's projects also. If you would be interested in joining me and using my services please e-mail for more information and pricing.

Objective for the Investor: Geological representative and advocate for the investor with no ties to the seller. There are many good oil prospects on the market, there are even more that are less attractive. Generally the two can be distinguished. Even good prospects carry substantial risks, such as non-commercial reserves to drilling and completion hazards. We are happy to assist you in evaluating and choosing your oil and gas investments. This is primarily fee for service / retainer based. Our main work area is Texas.

If you are a serious investor or are considering becoming one, let us make some prospect recommendations to you. Ultimately it is your choice; we just want to try to get the best prospects available in front of you.

If interested please contact us for a quote.