Maverick Royalty Partners

Oil & Gas Background

Following is a brief list of endeavors and enterprises undertaken in the past 20 years:

  1. Discovered two new oil fields by the age of 27
  2. Extended and/or developed existing oil fields
  3. Developed Cline Shale Prospects (currently)
  4. Run Title on Surface and Mineral Ownership
  5. Negotiated and entered into numerous oil and gas leases with Mineral Interest Owners
  6. Built a mud logging company with just under 2000 wells logged in about 5 years.
  7. Developed a Water Saturation calculation from Mud Logs which was repeatable and corresponded with Schlumberger Water Saturation Calculations.
  8. Provided two drilling and completion supervisors to exploration companies.
  9. Oversaw the drilling and completion of numerous wells in West Texas.
  10. Designed drilling and completion programs including the first single stage cement jobs in the area covering thousands of feet of casing without causing reservoir damage and simultaneously cutting completion costs.

Click here to download Bud Johnson's complete CV in PDF format.